(EASY) How To Fix E79 On Jbox 360 (JTAG)

[b]This is the most easiest thing you can ever do you dont have to open xbox
or anything so here we go

  1. Plug out HDD If There’s One Plugged In.

  2. Plug In

  3. When Pluged In Again Push Down Make S**** Its In

  4. Take Out Power + Plug Bak In…

  5. Turn On & Should Be Fixed.

If Not You Need To Reball It And All That Stuff (N) So Yes Love You All :smile:



wow this is stupid but helpful

I do not believe this at all

i think i’m gonna have to learn how to “plug out”


Guys This Works Seriously ?

Why Would I Post A Fake Post

I Have A Life You No :sunglasses:


lol, please stop thats tooo funny

this cant be true!!

This isn’t true, it’s only the fix for a false “red ring of death” that many people get. I don’t see why he’d say that it’d fix the “E79 error”, because the false “red ring of death” doesn’t even include the “E79 error”.

E79 is a dash error!!

Yes But It Comes Up E79 error and the hdd is main cause most times for JTAG’S not retail !!!

e79 is rare in retail, e79 is common in jtags bc of dash failure, i am a victiim

Yes I Was Victim Too Until I Did What I Say Above No Drop It Ok

Have You nothing Better To Do Than Sit Here & Argue Now

Bye <3 !