Echoes of the Plum Grove Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I don’t know about the others but the money mod is still producing a billion scythes and no money then freezes.

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Edit money still isn’t working :frowning: I just stared playing yesterday, and today I tried to use again Edit money but it crashes and starts duplicating things. I hope it gets fixed.

I’m getting the same thing, playing in windowed mode seems to only crash wemod instead of the game as well. It’s duplicating the first item in the hotbar, and if you set the money to 0 before loading the mods it deletes all the duplicates and in my case the base item it duplicated.

So I have figured out how to make the money cheat work (for me at least). You have to have your player inventory COMPLETELY EMPTY, or else it will duplicate the item closest to slot #1 no matter what. I was actually liking the item dupe “glitch” with the trainer, I would use it to dupe items I have a hard time getting like iron bars or hot chocolate. It would always give me 1000 of said items and I would just trash all but 50 or 99 or so. I wondered what would happen if there was no item in the inventory to duplicate and sure enough, after depositing everything in chests and trying again it gave me 1000 gold, and no matter what now it works as intended for me. I’ve tried loading/closing/rebooting steam, the game, and the wemod app and it still works as intended only increasing/decreasing gold. tbh I am a bit sad, I thought I could go back and forth between duplicating items and gold as I pleased lol. Would be awesome if we could get an actual duplicate items cheat added to the trainer!


Hey so the money cheat multiplied my items not my money and every time I pick them up it multiplies more. I literally cannot get rid of the stuff. Selling it is making me a lot of money for sure but it’s just sitting on my land now even after cutting the Mod off. How do I get rid of this stuff!?

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i usually trash them after that ive been having the duplicating isuue too

It will disappear after 3 or 4 days, I’m sorry I can;t remmeber the exact amount

I do not know if it is possible but i would love the option of time freezing. I hate time limits and would love if this option could be implimented soon:)

Can confirm that this works. And a duping item cheat would be neat. So hard to keep a stock of nails w/o an anvil.

So I don’t think the money is working at all… not sure why but will this be update soon? also if we can have unlimited item mod would be great ;D

Hiiii! Thank you for all your hard work! The money cheat doesn’t work, but upon the first use, it does create duplicates of whatever item is in your inventory. If there are no items in your inventory, it doesn’t seem to do anything at all. I’d love to see this updated, I really wish I could boost it!

Hey there, are you referring to Edit Money If you haven’t already, please follow the mod instructions for this mod. Also, ensure you are using the latest trainer version.

Screenshot 2024-06-11 030806

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Hello! I have followed these instructions, and made several attempts before posting my previous message. I can’t seem to get the cheat to work.

aight, I’ll relay this to the team for testing and review. will keep you posted.

Have an update from the testing team, and they confirm that this mod is working as intended. Please see the image for your reference. The only thing I can think of is maybe trying a new game save or changing the bind hotkeys to a different one.

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