Eden Rising

so since the whole request system is gone, and the free tokens to place onto games when want to boost for possibly getting cheats or updates are was also removed, it’s gonna make it harder for me, someone who has no funds of their own outside of birthdays and xmas, to even bother trying to push a game like eden rising onto the queue anymore, and the base game is free to play even, with being able to set the worlds to be multiplayer or even singleplayer by limiting the max players down to 1. so the only other way to freely attempt getting this game on the queue for getting things like easy craft and the like, cuz some asshats are actually charging an arm and a leg just for the cheat table for cheat engine, i can only use the wemod app section for this game, as i dun think it can fall under the other ones, and i do not know for sure if it calls here or under the suggestions tab, but how come this game has yet to have cheats made for itthat doesn’t involve basicly telling someone only ay to get the cheats to buy the cheat table from a patreon user :confused:
and apearantly at one point there were cheats by mrantifun on his website but as a wemod partnership thingy, but wemod itself doesn’t have the cheats listed here. Eden Rising: Supremacy (Request) | MrAntiFun, PC Video Game Trainers, Cheats and mods

Hello. :slight_smile:

Trainers are only made here at WeMod if the game is popular with WeModders.

WeMod automatically detects how many WeMod members have the game. If the game is popular enough then it’ll end up in the queue, which you can see in the WeMod desktop app itself.
When it’s in the queue, Pro users can use their premium currency that they get as part of their subscription, called Boosts, to bump it further up the queue.

If a game is unpopular amongst WeModders, then a trainer will take longer to appear, if at all. There’s not really too much point economically spending money and server storage space on trainers for games that it’s clear WeModders aren’t that interested in. The reviews for this game in the store seem rather “meh” or mediocre - neither good nor bad.

One thing you can do to increase the chances is to encourage other players of this game to download WeMod, so it detects more unique people have it. :slight_smile:

but if i’m fairly certain before the endless update it released, it was called eden rising supremacy at some point for sure, but now it’s just being called eden rising, and it’s also listed as such on this page Eden Rising v1.0.265 | Cheat Engine Table v1.1 - The Cheat Script even though this ■■■■■■■’s making people pay just for a cheat engine script :confused:

The name is just cosmetic and does not affect how WeMod detects who owns the game. We just don’t have the time to check all tens of thousands of games to make sure the devs didn’t change their names. :slight_smile: