Editor for number-based cheats

Hello. I’ve subscribed to WeMod Pro and I love it, really. I must confess, I also have a lifetime membership for a competitor app so I had the chance to compare the two.

I love everything about WeMod: the UI/UX is brilliant, very intuitive, and really does make you feel like using it although it might not be necessary. I think WeMod is three steps forward than the competition in terms of User Experience (I’m studying UX Design and it is really a pleasure to use your app or navigate in your community forum). I’ve also been using the mobile app on my iPhone, which is placed right below my monitor on a wireless charging stand, and oh God, I love it.

The only thing I feel like it’s missing is a bit more customizability in terms of number-based cheats (exp, currency, and whatnot): for example, sometimes I like having unlimited money but most of the times I like to just have a tad more so that I can comfortably progress in the game without feeling stressed about it, but still feel challenged by it. Is there a reason in particular as to why sliders and/or editors for currency are not that common on the platform anymore? Does it take much longer to craft a trainer like that?

I’m not saying this lack of feature is holding me back from using WeMod, I still use it 99% of the time but I must confess I end up booting the competition’s’ trainer for editors once in a while, then go back to WeMod.

A couple of examples:

  • Two Point Hospital’s Unlimited Money and Unlimited Kudosh
  • The Evil WIthin 2’s Add 1K Green/Red Gel, Add 100 Weapon Parts (why can’t I simply choose the quantity?)

Thank you for your time.

Hey thanks for the feedback! It does take a little additional time to make those cheats, sometimes they just aren’t possible, and other times the creators just decide to just do unlimited. We encourage them to use the numeric input or sliders as it is one of the main incentives for going Pro; however, it is ultimately up to them. We will continue to encourage them to use them in newer trainers. Unfortunately going back and switching older trainers isn’t really possible due to the amount of time it would take.

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