ELDEN RING Cheats and Trainer for Steam

So… I have used the 100% drop rate to farm Arc Runes from rats… Then I disabled the cheat after getting about 25 Arc Runes. Will this character be flagged if I play online? I have only used this one cheat…

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after is uze wemod while im in game i cant move in the in game menu

If this has an item editor, it’d be perfect. No, I don’t want to add any OP weapons, spells, crafting items, etc. that can be found in the base game. I just want to have Deathbed Smalls without having to use Cheat Engine to complete the Deathbed armor set. Maybe get some other cut armor that have been removed from the game. But definitely no using CE because I find it convoluted and confusing to use.

Other than that, an unlimited jump option for the player and Torrent would also be nice.

The cheat table mod is really good, a thing that would make it perfect for people is instead of infinite fp or hp two bars that regenerate per % fp and the other hp so the user could rise or low to regenerate per tick each second. With that people who is tired of flasks could use fp and recover little health too but without making the game too easy and still a challenge and trying some different builds with the regeneration system.

thats what i am questioning my self too… i just want to farm those awesome sets and not wasting my time for like 2 hours straight. So will it be flagged even tho you use only drop chance? You are not changing anything on your chars stats… Does anybody know?

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this game have this easy anti cheat thing , does that mean i can do whatever i want only in offline mode ? and if i do , can i join later multiplayer without wemod opened ?

if you start elden ring offline, it will still open EAC. If you open elden ring via wemod it will turn EAC off. Yes you should play offline and start via wemod. You should not do anything on your main Char. Like change stats or infinite item. Some of the cheats are fine. You should look up and read other comments on this topic. Maybe you can find something more usefull. I have done now only 100% Drop in offline and i “think” i am still fine.

I would not edit any stats like STR and the sort then go online. This could trigger some impossible stat, that you have input to play offline, that online would flag your account.

As you said, I also have only used the 100% drop rate, I used it to farm Arc Runes when I needed. I am about to do it by the third time now… After my first time, I went online, with the mod disabled of course, just to I could send my save to the servers with my 20 and so Arc Runes, then I resumed my journey in offline mode as I was before. I will go online again just to make sure and by the next week I will know if we can get banned or not by using this.

Just to make it clear:

  1. I was offline
  2. Used 100% drop rate
  3. Closed WeMod
  4. Went online with WeMod disabled
  5. Resumed my game in offline mode
  6. Will wait for the next week to see if I got myself banned or not.

i’ve seen someone else saying something similar, but still…
i’ve been using wemod in offline mode just to lvl up my main character by using inf health, 1 hit kill and the inf item usage… been all good up until now, even went online a while ago (without wemod, of course), and it was all good as always…
i’ve actually done the exact same thing with Dark Souls 3 at the time, and i never EVER got banned for whatever reason…
but today i was doing my stuff here, and i accidently pressed the key to level up strenght, and then i realized i fked up my stats… then i tried to reset my stats, but it wasn’t the same i got on the stat screen… i tried to manually reset it by lvling up back to where it was, and i went to the stat respec screen to see, and it was even more fked up…
anyway, i suppose it’s very likely i’ll have to delete this character and start all over again, because i was a lazy fk that forgot to make a backup of my save file…
but regardless, stuff like this is very likely to get caught, and i’d get a ban for it, right?

Happened to me to when I was trying to use the fly mod, pressed Shift 6 instead of control 6. Had to delete my character and start all over again. I learned my lesson.

i dont know what im doing wrong, but wemod wont load for this game, its updated, i put the bypass in the same folder as the exe. it just keeps loading and never starts. game runs fine