ELDEN RING Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Have you followed the READ BEFORE PLAYING instructions?

Is there ANY possibility of removing fall damage? Is it even possible? Some tie-in with the horse jump lifts? If so, it’s a must have. Thoughts?

100% drop rate doesn’t work. It changes/shows the discovery stat in the leveling menu to be around 300,OOO, but when going into status outside the grace, it shows a normal characters discovery, something like 274.

quick question about using this, so for elden ring can you use it to just level up an then eventually take in online, i dont wanna mod my stats or anything just wanna level it ect, will that get me banned? ive heard changing your stats is what will if you take it online

It is best to assume that any modding will result in a soft ban.

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has anyone just used the runes mod to level then went online an have anything happen?

I’m not sure about that.

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The ELDEN RING cheats have been updated!


  • Increase Damage Toward Player % cheat added
  • Reduce Damage Toward Enemy % cheat added
  • Increase Stamina Consumption % cheat added
  • Increase Equipment Weight % cheat added
  • Minimum Item Drop Rate cheat added
  • Can't Gain Runes cheat added
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Okay, been reading through some of these and was just curious about something. If I were to boot the game offline and use the rune multiplier to farm runes, then close EVERYTHING and reboot my game online, THEN level up, do you think ill get a soft ban?
Ive done so many hours of farming in Mohgs domain, you know the spot, and im just trying to speed up the process. I dont plan on making any stat changes while modded, only after building up my runes and turning all mods off. I dont think it will detect anything weird in that way, but if anyone can confirm that theyve done this that would be awesome :slight_smile:

What is a soft ban?

Soft ban : You able to play online, but unable to coop with people/summon people into your session.

do you go offline on steam or offline in game? i just wanna use infinte HP and FP thats all

Not sure how yall are catching bans, but these are the steps I take and haven’t been banned yet and regularly take my character online. However, if you do decide to go online make sure you turn off WEMOD and ensure its not operating in the background, use task manager if you have to to turn it off.


  1. Open steam
  2. Click Go Offline
  4. Click “PLAY” on the WeMOD trainer.

While offline these are the only cheats I will use, however before I log off I will disable all these cheats and kill my character.

  1. 100% drop rate
  2. God Mode/Ignore Hits
  3. Rune Multiplier

Use of any cheat that edits your stats “Max HP, FP, Stamania, level, vigor, mind, endurance, etc” will automatically flag your character if you bring it online.

Use of any cheat that edits your runes outside of the multiplier will flag your account. There is something in the backend of Elden Ring that counts how many runes you should have and the Rune Multiplier works with it and the Rune Editor does not.

No runes lost on death will also get you banned because the game recognizes if you have used a specific item or not to prevent rune loss.

Super Damage and Damage Multiplier will also flag your account because they change your toons stats. Which as stated earlier will automatically flag your account.

Any cheat in the “GAME” tab such as flight, game speed, freeze enemy positions, and editing daytime will flag your account instantly.

Unlimited item Usage will absolutely get you banned.

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thamks, i just wasnt sure if you could use hp an fp infinite with elden ring just offline, but thank you for the info. do you know if achievments are still unlockable with steam offline?

I use Unlimited Item Usage and haven’t been soft banned. Just did it this morning to get max amount of all the smithing stones I have, consumables and crafting ingredients and went back to playing online.

Heard way too many people getting banned using this, but if it’s working then you do you boo boo :smiley:

Game not found, tried everything people mentioned here

Did you try my suggestion?

all im gonna say is, you guys better be on point when the dlc drops

The ELDEN RING cheats have been updated!


  • Disable Horse cheat added
  • Takes Sleep Status Damage When Damaged cheat added
  • Takes Death Blight Status Damage When Damaged cheat added
  • Instant Death When Damaged cheat added