Elden Ring "Inappropriate Activity Detected"

I get the above error when launching through wemod. Then it will not go online.
Also, none of the options are available to activate a cheat for Elden Ring unless I subscribe to pro.

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You cannot use WeMod in elden ring online. WeMod is for solo only. As far as the cheats, you can activate them using the hotkeys.

Thanks for that response. I am having another issue. I created my account on the page before subscribing to pro. Now when I try to enter my email or username in the app, it says one already exists. It’s not recognizing I am pro level now.

Can you save your character and turn off WeMod then login for online that way with your character?

I have done that. I turned off wemod and logged in normally online and it let me go in and complete whatever it was that required me to be online.

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