ELDEN RING: We mod on steam shared games

hello, my friend allowed sharing accounts on steam for me to play elden ring, but wemod didn’t work, can you help me? I thought it might be because the game wasn’t mine.

It doesn’t matter who owns it as long as you have it installed on your computer. What issue are you having?

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an error appeared when loading the mod, and asked me to enter the game folder

can u fix this?

Did you follow the instructions in the “read before playing” section?

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yes, as I said, I use it in several games and never had a problem, only with the elder ring

Can you post a screenshot of the game’s folder with the required file?

shure! but only later

I need a picture of the game’s folder with the bypass file.

Did you launch the game directly from the eldenring exe in that folder before clicking play in WeMod?