Elder Scrolls Online: Werewolf help

Now I’m not entirely sure if players can bite others and turn them into a werewolf. If this is true could someone help me out? I’ve been trying since the game came out to become one. If you decide to help my gamer tag is “Cryptic Kitsune” send me a message. I’m in the daggerfall covenant alliance and any hell is greatly appreciated.

Yes others players can bit other players…BUT…they have to have there werewolf skill to level 6 with the skill point into the skill and then they can bite you…NOW here is where you may have to pay gold to people to pass this along cause after they bite someone that person who bite you has to wait 1 real life week before they can bite someone else…same go for the vampire it is easyer to just go get it yourself some playees will scam you and talk ya gold or pay to high of a fee but like i said the person passing the bite has to wait 1 week so pay may be a little high