Elex One Hit Kill Will Not Turn Off

Had clicked on one hit kills by mistake and now it will not turn off and even when loading a game with out the mod running the one hit kill cheat is still active. This ruins the whole experience. Any help would be great. Thanks. Love your program it can make a game less frustrating and more fun to play.

Maybe start a new game to overwrite any cache that the game may use for swapping memory. The exit, restart and load an old game. Running a Ccleaner before the game restart wouldn’t hurt either. Sounds like a variable is being cached between game runs, and that is USUALLY a temp file thing.

did all that the new game does not have the issue but the saved game does. At least I was not that far into the game but it looks like I may have to restart.

I am sorry you need to restart. You should let @STiNGERR know the issue at


Sorry I couldn’t help.