Emma Watson wallpaper

I just had to share this with all of you, this is a beautiful picture of Emma Watson < 3

I think she looks really ugly in this one

Thanx, She is pretty amazing looking, <3

y u no post ariana grande wallpaper

Well, would you like this instead?

Cuz Emma is Better. y u no understand?

I like this photo :smiley:

Ariana is a beautiful girl also, I just didn’t know that was her name. :expressionless:

No thanks

Now my desktop background…

Ya, She is, but I think Emma is better, and also, Ur pics dont work.

WOW, that isn’t cool.

Wanna gimmie that BG pic

There working for me?

I know its not cool its smoking hot :smile:

Here you go guise.

She is alright, I don’t think she is “that” pretty though. Just my opinion :wink:

These showing?

Hmm… Not for me

Epic panda