Empire: Total War Cheats and Trainer for Steam

for me none of the cheats work on the grand campaign. This was as Great Britain

will the empire trainer get updated anytime soon?

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gonna go ahead and assume no, true neglection

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thank you for the trainer.

No trainers are neglected. The only ones that don’t receive updates are those that a retired.

What exactly is the issue with the trainer?

for me none of the cheats actually work

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Hello, yesterday I was testing a little trainer in a game of global conquest, both the unlimited funds cheat as those of “fast” worked without problems, the set funds did not test it since only test the other, the unlimited movement only works with the land armies, not with the agents or naval units, The same thing happens with the one to recover the size of the troops, only with the land armies, the naval units had to recover them in a normal way, the ammo one I didn’t get to try it in a battle because of time, if it’s possible, I’ll play again to see if I try the ones I’m missing.
Regarding this mod, I do miss the issue of life in naval units, although it says that it is not included, that’s why I say it, and that the agents could act more than once and also have unlimited movement.

None of the modswork. once i activate them they deactivate. before, only unlimited movement, not for agents.

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Please update

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Is no one gonna fix this? I asked this question for the past month and nothings being done about it.

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No mod is working, a prompt solution is greatly appreciated

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can you look at why the cheats are not working with the empire total war mod empire 2 it switchs them all off only for single player of course

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Please update. Mods keep switching off once enabled.

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Hey everybody having issues with the mods turning off immediately after enabling them, just click on history and change the version of the trainer to the one from 8/19/19 and it should work. The other two newer ones may work as well but I didn’t try them


Many Thanks!! It works exactly as you said, AUG19 version fits with Empire II mod well done mate

Amazing work everything works great even with overhauls like PUA and Empire 2 but… Could we get a mod that boosts Public Order?

I used an older cheat table before this where the “1 turn research” made all of the researches i had going take 1 turn but this trainer only makes 1 research take 1 turn, the rest don’t change.
Could we have an update where the “Fast Research” actually makes all research fast? Cheers.

Wish this thing had a ‘Unlimited Experience’ cheat for Troops alongside health. Also Naval battles can be pretty brutal since the cheats do not affect it so you might lose if you aren’t careful.

Without experience, troops start pretty dumb but at higher veteran levels, they can be very good. Sadly I don’t think @MrAntiFun is ever going to update this anymore :woman_facepalming:

for me the latest version of the trainer isn’t compatible with empire total war 2 so i have to use the older versions of the trainer. fast research isn’t working on that.