Empires of the Undergrowth Cheats and Trainer for Steam

reinstalled wemod and it worked.

quick suggestion have an option that makes all royal jelly costs 0

is the leaf cutter waste problem fixed ?, where if you turn food on unlimited, it creates massive amounts of waste

Will you make a GOG version?

find the game file from gog and place manual work for me

I tried that and the cheats don’t work for me

launch game then when load on the main screen click play on the trainer wait a few mins and get in the game

I’m an advanced user of WeMod. It doesn’t work for the version I have. I’ve gone through all the other versions of the mod dating back to 2022. None of the Steam mod versions are compatible

there’sa bug with the leaf cutters, infinite food causes waste to not vanish or be picked up by the tiny ants, so you just end up with waste big enough to take up the screen

here’s an idea for three new cheats, why not one that makes leaf cutters make no waste, one for infinite leafs, and one that makes the ants faster ?, the waste one would be seriously appreciated as the leaf cutters gameplay conflicts a little with the infinite food cheat

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okay so, unlimited territory is broken, so is the unlimited jelly and super population, tho seems the actual ingame cap of jelly has gone up, so keep that in mind when updating the trainer, also do considering my suggestions, of no waste with the leaf cutters and maybe infinite leaves, thank you and have a nice day

Thank you for your suggestions and report, The game is now in the testing queue!

Sorry for any inconvenience.

its no problem, always happy to help, my suggestion is mostly because of the leafcutters having a conflict with the infinite food option. it makes there waste not decrease and the refuse dumps constantly stay full

None of the Cheats work. They uncheck themselves on their own.

no the infinite food one works, the other 3 need updating, tho here’s a good cheat idea, it sets the royal jelly cost of upgrades to 1 and keeps it there, as the price can get a bit out of hand

The Empires of the Undergrowth cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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2024/6/10 没有用啊

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all cheats are working as intended, tho i humbly offer 2 suggestions for new ones

one: leaf cutters make no more waste, this suggestion is due to a conflict with the infinite food cheat

two: the price of royal jelly does not go up: this is due to new game plus and the levels of enemies or star ranks going up and up, so would be fun to go wild with it

that’s all, upto you if you want to do these, as always thank you for your effort, if anyone knows anything regarding the royal jelly prices and a little game editing, let me know

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yer those would be awesome cheats to have we can get them

Why does it turn off automatically when I turn it on?