Emulator Support

I have no idea if this has been suggested before, but I think one think that would make infinity stand out from the crowd would be to add support for emulators such as zsnes, project64, pcsx2, etc.

Ah, right. Let’s make trainers for every game that has ever existed.


sNaKe did I ever tell you how much I appreciate that you exist? You seriously sometimes make my day


Don’t most emulators have a way to put in codes manually?

If the one you’re using doesn’t I would bet a lot of money you can find one that does. I don’t really see the market.


Well thank you. I enjoy telling jokes instead of actually answering the question.


Please don’t stop. :smiley:


Sounds good. Let’s get it done.

Infinity does not support third-party software like mods or custom launcher, this would definitely include emulators.

Get back to your silo bombing, captain.

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I was fighting sarcasm with sarcasm. Couldn’t you tell?

Your “sarcastic” post had the same mindset as your original post, so I just assumed you were delusional.

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Got yourself a new friend snake?

Snake are you cheating on me with your “new friend”?

Doesn’t stop people from making trainers for them. Granted they’re most likely for specific versions.

Not really, but then, what can you do?

I can make computers beep.