Equifax got hacked


tldr; Approximately 143 million U.S. consumer’s personal information (Credit cards, social security numbers, drivers licenses, etc) is not so private anymore.

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Yeah I was ranting about this last night. The company has essentially two jobs, which is to use people’s information to report credit and then keep that info safe. That’s really it and they messed it all up.

Plus there were executive that sold stock as the news of this broke which is super illegal.

For anyone going to their site to see if your data might have been taken, be careful what you do there. They try to get you to sign up for something called TrustedID which waives your rights to any lawsuits towards them.


Terrible, the magic of lobbies strikes again

Good thing i am broke

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And not a US citizen. I believe this only effects US citizens.

Whatever you do don’t take the free credit monitoring or see if you are part of the breach. Both waives your rights to be part of a class action lawsuit. I’m not sure how it isn’t illegal.

I tried to go to the Equifax website as well my Bitdefender virus scanner blocked it on my phishing scanner.