Error 9 and 10

i seem to be getting error 9 and 10, galactic civilasation 3 seems to be hving a hard time, i did check, windows defender is not blocking it, so that is not the problem, got any idea on what is causing this and how to fix it?

@REPPIN @frank

Try running infinity as admin and without

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I didn’t release a trainer for Galactic Civilization 3 steyn @STN

By the way: @raggib right click on infinity’s shortcut, click on “open file location”, and take a screenshot of the folder please

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Oh ok, i thought it was you. Must be @STiNGERR

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just tried running as admin, still failed.

i am not sure how to take pictures/screenshots, however, id think that any missing files whould be fixed in the updates…

There are many ways to make a screenshot. For example you can use Puush. Or just press Alt+Print and copy it for example in paint then just save and upload it.

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there you go.

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Indeed, I cannot even launch the game. I get Error 10. It said to temporarily disable my anti-virus and anti-spyware, since it (Avast!) may recognize Infinity as malicious software. I have made an exclusion in my AV for both GalCiv3 as well as Infinity, but the problem persists. Have any solutions to this issue been found? @frank @STN

Press ctrl+shift+d when infinity is in focus, switch to console. See what errors you get.

I get error code 10.


@STN Is there anything else you need of me?

Hey, i talked to frank about this. trainer gets injected fine but fails in trainer setup for some reason (we don’t know why).

I’ll tag @stingerr since the trainer is made by him. Maybe the game updated or something, he can check it out.

Alright, sounds good. Thank you.

@STiNGERR Hello. I know you’re a busy person and all, but I’m wondering if you’ve gotten the chance to look at this issue as of late.

it took far too long to remember my password… well, the trainer is out of date now since the intrigue expansion is out, no idea if @STiNGERR will update it or not though, would be great if he did though.

Uhh… with long you mean a year?`

Well doesn’t matter. If you want an update for the game then you should post it in the trainer thread. I can tell you right now though it’s highly undoubtly he will update it.

@Chris This one too please

yes… i indeed mean a year… dont ask how, i just never got around to making a new password…
also, i will see if i can get it updated in the trainer thread, no idea where in it, so im just going to look around and then search.