Error code 0

hey i keep getting error code 0 when i go to use the mods for borderlands 1 can someone please help

What does it say for the error code 0? Can you post a screenshot?
Does it happen with any other game than borderlands?

Since I don’t know what exactly error code 0 is. Clearing the Cache is helping a lot of the times.
Use This : - ICDV2.bat - (Default option)
To easily clear your cache

i’ve posted a manual solution over here. give it a try. remove all appdata/cache folders as suggested by nick.

Error 0 is download error. Means an issue with your internet connection. Do you have a firewall that might be blocking infinity from d/ling trainer or maybe you;re downloading something in background/slow connection?

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i turned off the antivirus and checked my internet connection and i didnt have anything downloading i dont think il try and clear the cache

hey i couldnt workout out how to clear the cache didnt know what to delete in the infinity folder could you please explain and something weird happened im not getting the error code anymore must of been right when i restarted my computer

Forget clearing cache then.

It is in %aqppdata%/daring development (the whole infinity folder there).

i deleted the infinty folder all good now do i have to install anything or is that it?? thanks :slight_smile:

If the error was gone, you didn’t have to clear cache.

But yeah, that’s it.