Error code 3 then 15 (PLEASE HELP)

Recently downloaded infinity and tried to start up a trainer only to be brought to the error 3 message.
I took it’s advice and disabled my AV just to get the same error
I kept fiddling with it and then eventually came to this forum and read the Error 3 thread (which wasn’t really that helpful)
From the little advice that i could get from it I decided to run Infinity in administrator
(When i did that I just got the Error 15 message which was the exact same as Error 3)
after all of that I ran my game first, (Mirror’s Edge Catalyst) then opened Infinity just for the same error to pop up.
I even tried to see if It was just the game but nope Infinity doesn’t work at all!
This whole thing is now just really frustrating, I read up on the little advice I could get, tried it and I still have not found a solution. For now all I can do is look for another trainer online :frowning:
My OS: Windows 10

Please run the installer again or wait a little bit with Infinity open so it auto updates. An update was just released that addresses this issue. We’re very sorry for the frustration it has caused.

It works now :’)

Thank you so much

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