Error: Horizon is not a valid win32 program

horizion is not working it comes up this
horizion exe. is not a vaild win32 application
Any help???/

Re-download it, it sounds like it corrupted.

Delete your current version of Horizon and download it again, then run it as administrator.

That was kind of posted above and running as an Administrator wouldn’t change much for this situation.

Delete the folders Xenocode and XboxMB in your appdata folder as well as re-downloading it.

well i have deleted every thing re downloaded every thing several times and still getting this error

Download it from here again:
XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Horizon

Will do this, thanks!

I am having a similar Problem but when i try to remove it it says it is being used by another application and it is only the exe there is no install data

Restart your computer, when done try to remove it and download the updated version of Horizon.

XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Horizon

it still wont remove the file size is 0 bytes and it keeps saying it is open in another program

Make sure you do not have Horizon.exe open in Task manager.
Also, go to Daring Development in Program Files (x86) and then double-click the folder Horizon than the folder v2. Once you’re there, you should see something like this:

Run unins000. Once uninstalled, re-download and install Horizon here:

XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Horizon

Search for Horizon by clicking the windows icon and search for “Horizon” and delete it.

Can you still download Horizon?

If not what does It say when you download Horizon?

So would just like to add the following:

I downloaded Horizon a few weeks back and it’s been working well… yesterday I tried to use it, but I got the same error and found that the EXE was 0bytes. I then redownloaded using this site and got “horizon.exe”… I ran this and was back to modding without problems. Today I tried to use horizon and again found it to be 0bytes… so I redownloaded again, only today I now get the “Horizon setup v”… and now my Symantec Endpoint is going crazy. I basically gave up on my desktop and am about to try to install on my laptop.

So… it could be your anti-virus causing you issues… but I’m also concerned that previously I had no issues with Horizon… but now within two days I’ve gotten two different EXE files from the CNET link on the main page and my Symantec is having problems with latest “Horizon setup” version vs the previous “horizon.exe” file I had downloaded previously… same link, same source, etc. Now when I look at the version number I seem to recall getting a “older” version from CNET earlier today as well… something like “v2.5.2.7??” I’m not certain cause I’m not home at my desktop to confirm the version thought. hmmm.

Did someone upload a hacked version for download and I was unlucky enough snag it??


Horizon now needs to be installed. So if you’re just downloading the .exe, use this verified download straight from XboxMB:

Make sure you’ve also removed every version of Horizon on your computer as well. Once installed, run Horizon as admin.

Sometimes anti-virus is also the case, your best bet would be to disable it so it doesn’t detect Horizon as malware. Just to clarify, Horizon IS NOT malware, anti-viruses just sometimes pick it up as malware.

Oh I totally know about the false positive stuff… but I didn’t see any notices on the main page about the EXE changing… so when I downloaded over the last day or so and was getting different versions it didn’t help when Symantec threw up red flags all over.

Also… what has changed so much that previous Horizon was NOT setting my AV off, but now the installed version does? :cry:

The main reason why it needs to be installed now is because the installation version fixed the unfixable error called the ‘Hznasm.exe Error’ and also made Horizon compatible with Windows 8. Plus, it just seems more professional in my opinion.

I REALLY want horizon not to be setup.

It could easily be like that, but then the Hznasm.exe error would come back and so would not being able to run Horizon on Windows 8 threads.

The installation also makes Horizon look like a more professional to be honest.