Error installing horizon

every time i download the horizon-setup and run it the green bar starts to load and wen its like 90% ig opens an window named Lua Error! with this text:
[]Error Evaluating startIntegratedOffer(983748,2155,false) –
ERROR:[string “C:\Users\Tebet\AppData\Local\Temp
argument #2 to ‘addConnection’(Object type is wrong)

horizon used to run on my computer but then i uninstalled it and now it gets this error

Sorry the bad english i’m brazilian.

Sorry for your inconvenience, please download from the link below and that is also the most recent updated version as well. If you have any further issues or if this solution doesn’t fix your issue please post back.


it downloads and install normally but when I try to run the .exe a message appears saying that Horizon has stopped working and windows is searching for an a solution

Okay so now just download .Net Framework 3.5 from the download link below and that should fix your problem.