Error message upon install

ive tried to install horizon several times but it fails to ever open…i get a message saying wbemcomn.dll is not a valid windows image…told my daughter if her grades were good on her report card id get her a computer and the xbox mod tools for minecraft. she brought home straight a’s and now im failing to live up to my end…please help!!

Try this, uninstall Horizon if it did actually install for you and delete any installers that you might have saved on the pc. Now try downloading and installing from this link: Horizon

no luck. different error message though…thank you for trying too. heres a screen shot of the error message…

I got a couple questions for you since I am a bit confused.

When do you actually get this error, when download Horizon, Opening Horizon, or trying to mod Minecraft? As I see from the screenshot you provided it has a picture of the Minecraft logo with the error is this happening from the Minecraft tool?

i get it after ive downloaded and installed it. when i try to open it. it actually never makes it to an “open” state.

I am confused could you possibly post a couple more “full-screen” screenshots of the issue?

So you’re saying that when you double click on the Horizon.exe icon that you receive that error message consistently, right?

I have a problem too, when try to open Horizon, the program tells me that an update when I click on “yes” automatically download the update, but momente executing “Horizon.Setup.v2.8.1.1.exe”, says the file is corrupt … .

now why?

Try downloading from the link below: