Error Message when editing Halo 4 save game

After opening the Halo 4 save game in Horizon, I click the “Invincablity + Max Ammo/Grenades” button, it does it’s thing. Then I click “Save”, and thats when I get an error message that reads; “An error has occured while writing back to the loaded Package! If you see a developer, the following message will help him resolve the issue. Cannot acces a closed stream.”

Anyone know what’s up with this?

Load your original save back up in halo and try it from a different checkpoint.

OK, I’ll try that.

Upload your save to either Mediafire or Mega and I’ll see if I get the same problem as you.

Thanks, thats seems to have worked.

Thanks Nick, but going to the next check point seems to have worked for me. But thanks again for the offer.

No problem and I am glad James’ advice worked.