Error Message

In Horizon, every time I want to save a save, a error message pops up saying “object already exists”. I need help destroying this error message so I can get back to modding. I know I’m not the only one with this problem.:help:

Try this, extract the save to your desktop by dragging it out of the horizon window and delete it from your flash drive, now drag it back in, mod what you want, choose to save, and then save it to your device. Just to be safe, keep the save on your 360 and choose to copy it instead of moving it, if Horizon let’s you save it back to your device then you can delete the save that’s still on your 360.

Okay I did that, when I got back on my Xbox 360, the save was corrupted

What game is it that you’re trying to mod?

I’m not trying to mod a game, I’m trying to save gamer pics and themes