Error with Save Files

Hello guys,

I am currently trying to mod my game files and after modding them and re-hashing through Horizon, I flash it onto my usb and copy it to my xbox harddrive. However, upon running the game, the save appears on neither the HD or USB. I have made sure everything is the same (Same device, profile and console ID and title).

Any help here? Thanks in advance.

If they’re your own saves that you’re modding you don’t need to worry about the IDs at all. You said you’re re-hashing them, if you’re using modding tools that are in the Horizon program all you need to do after modding is hit the red Save button. I also notice that you said you copied it, does the un-modded save still show up and load for you? You should try backing up your original save on your PC, mod your save, and make sure it’s not still on your hard drive when you move the modded version back. If that doesn’t work give us some info, what games your trying to mod, etc…

I am trying to mod Left for Dead 2 and I cannot get the new save to show up even after trying multiple times.