ESP Light Indicator - theHunter Call of the Wild Mod

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to talk a bit about the ESP property. I appreciaite WeMod so much and I’m a regular user of it. But when using ESP especially during the night (in-game night environment), it turns out to be very disturbing and hurting for the eyes. Not only for long time use, but also for times less than one hour a day. The flash light of the ESP indicator is too bright that I avoid looking at it while playing despite the fact that I need it to be on most of the time. I don’t know if it’s the case for all games, but I use it mostly in theHunter Call of the Wild and as you know, ESP light covers the whole animal’s body which makes it so painfull to look straight at. My suggestion is to switch it to a little arrow that stands over the animal with the name of the animal right under it. Or maybe only a lit line that draws the animal’s skeleton and the name of the animal over it. I don’t know what you guys think about it. Send some feedback to hopefully draw some attention to the subject if you are suffering from the same issue.



This has nothing to do with WeMod. :slight_smile:
WeMod provides cheating software for games, It does not make visual modifications to how a game looks.