Essay help, need topics

Hey guys, I’m suppose to write an Essay for my English Comp class. It only needs to be 2 pages, nothing too complex. It has to be a Descriptive essay type. So a story describing things. Help me think of a topic please!

Do your own homework.

The history of Horizon?

If you aren’t going to help don’t bother posting. All he asked for was ideas for a topic, he didn’t ask you to write it. Just make up something, a trip you went on, a doctors appointment, a plane that you saw crash. Teachers don’t care as long as you do it.

Describing things? Well an easy topic for me to choose would be something as easy as describing technology advancement. You could write countless amounts of pages on that, it is pretty easy for me to do, but that is just my opinion. What I would recommend is choosing something that applies to your liking whatever that is it could be sports, education, art, etc. This would make it easier for you to write about since it would be your personal interest and you would already know a little bit about it.

He’s only asking for help in finding a good topic, there’s nothing wrong with that.

I had to do any essay like this way back in the day, I chose to write about an arcade that I had went to for many, many years. It turned out great and If I remember correctly I got an A-. I pretty much just described the games and condition of the machines and my experiences over the years I had visited the place and how it changed over time.

In that case write it on the irony of homework, and the success rate of those that don’t do homework.

Go be rude somewhere else.

I’m digging the trip I went on idea Chris, and thanks for telling me stuff you talked about, that helps. Thanks for the ideas guys!

If you want, this is one of my college essays assignment questions.
Does living in the 21st century require individuals to manage their identities more than in previous time periods?

What I did was a comparison from todays modern technology to 30 years ago. I made it about 2000+ words. Its simple and easy. I hoped this helped :smile:

My words exactly.
As for the homework, I tend to just write something I’m interested in, seeing as most people with a profound interest of a particular topic usually has a good bit of knowledge behind it, you should be just fine. If you write all you know about it but still come up a little short, then just find some reliable and factual information on it. Like Chris said, Teachers could care less about what you like or what you’re going to be or do when you grow up. They just look at how much you wrote, if it meets the requirements, and if you know what you’re talking about. Not trying to be rude but, It’s not rocket science. But, I see what you mean.

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