Essential Tools for Tables

I’m wondering what most people are using here when they’re working on tables and exploits – particularly some of the more experienced creators. The creators don’t seem to post in public threads (for good reason), but if a mod could provide some insight on some of the more popular tools or setups they use, I’d appreciate it. I know I would get a lot out of it and perhaps some members of the community will find it useful.

What I’m currently using (I’m fairly new at this)
IDE: VSC (I’m sure some folks will give me crap for this one)
Disassembler: IDA Free version (haven’t really been using it yet. Also looking at Ghidra too)
(Note: I haven’t really gotten to the point where I need a disassembler yet, although I’m starting to see where static analysis can be handy in certain cases)
Debugger: was using CE’s at first but now I’m using x64dbg

Any recommendations? What about some handy plugins or add-ons for anything?