Event limited during game playing!

Event limited during game playing !

hello friends, I thing about something I try to undestand(only if it’s possible :wink: )

When you play some game, you have some trigered event only show when something happend !

I’m thinking about Shenmue and the santa event only happends when you reach a special date like santa in real clock life time(you can cheat if you change the date of you’re PC clock)

i know it’s nothing, but great if you play at fallout tactics and allows you to go in springfields without fullfilling the requiere task to go there(you know if you are a ingamer what I mean :wink: ?)

So, you go in WeMod, toggle the cheat to Bypass the lock event and go directly on the easter eggs without conplain to the rule for activate the ingame event.(in any and many others games with hidden easter eggs)

So I hope my topic dont be annoing and maybe found a way to be answered :wink:

Peace and thank’s if you read my message to there <3

ps: I know Shenmue for the santa in town, fallout tactics for the hidden Spriengfield town …,… dark-side/white side on star-wars kotor(knight of the old republic) for the answers ingame…and maybe more, you name it ! ^^