Event | Members vs. Staff

We’re doing a members vs. staff event right now :smiley:

If you think you’ve got what it takes to beat the staff then join us in Modern Warfare 2. We will also have a Horizon Developer joining us: unknown_v2. Drop a message to one of the following gamertags if you want to join:

We’ll be giving diamond out to a few that impress us :wink:
-Ended, if you think we should do any other games post.

This is a good idea, I would but i got cut my MW2 in half…I got pissed

you should postpone the event until the new dashboard comes out because i got it on my only Xbox because i wanted to see it and I figured I wouldn’t be playing anytime soon but now I kind of want to play.


I Would Love To Join.

MAXXYYYYYYYYYYY <3 <3 <3 <3 :smiley: :smile:

Why not halo reach? Afraid to get owned?

Updated >.<

100TH POST!!!

I might join I bet I can pwn ^.^

:frowning: i dont have my mw2 disc with me ill kick your a$$ tomorrow dean

I could use some diamond but I sold MW2 a long time ago cause it was not as great as CoD 4.

Get on reach and I can impress a lot of people may be.

I Feel Like I’m Not Worthy Of Talking. o_o


v_v I Know.

Modified say sorry. You made him cry a wittle. >___<

I snapped my MW2…

Kneese Just Pwned You.

Yea… any suggestions, no one is liking MW2 :anguished:

Halo: Reach?

inv me My gamertag is ConfusingDwarf i am pretty good i guess lol