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EVERSPACE Cheats and Trainer


Thank you for your hard work on this STN. If possible, can it be updated for the new EVERSPACE version? Thank you either way!


What’s broken? It hasn’t been reported to me


sinse update Unlimited health and Add 5k Credits dosn’t works


Thank you for your work. the only cheats that are working are inf fuel, inf resuorces, inf missiles and Add 5k. Game version


i tried all cheats and none cheat works by me. I hope it will be fixed in the next time.


On the GOG version, tried today, only unlimited fuel, add 5k credits, unlimited resources and unlimited missiles are working. Nothing else is activating.


Trainer is out of date it needs an update.
Seems the only thing that is working is Resources, everything else is not working for me.


@STN Loving the hard work dude, any chance of an update to work with patch 1.3.2 ?


This mod needs updates, esp. compatible with “Encounters”