Every cheat for every game is for Pro

Okay so uhhhh, Maybe I’ve been miss informed or something, but no matter what game trainer I try to use, All cheats are marked as Pro… I’ve searched everything, I’ve tried No man’s sky, Witcher, and a few others, but they all say it’s for Pros. Are there ANY cheats that are allowed for non-pro? Or is this a glitch.

Anyone with an answer, plz help i’m lost ;-;

all of them are free you just have to use the hotkeys. You can’t click on them anymore to activate or deactivate them

Dude calm down. You pmed me, made this thread and a bunch of other posts.

If you had bothered to actually read what wemod says, imagine how quickly you would have gotten the answer.

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so… you have to pay… to use an feature that requires more effort (tabbing out of the game and back in instead of just hitting a key)… bwhahaha what marketing genius came up with that?

Im guessing the same geniuses the made this crazy app
But pro gives you the phone app with you can turn cheats off and with your phone.

You won’t believe how many people complained and wanted that feature to be free again.
Especially people that hate hotkeys cause they can’t remember the key use that feature.
Soo yeah. That marketing genius really was a genius.

truly a genius gave them a sample and now it is a paid thing i like his thinking and i support it

it’s sad to see how easy it is to influence people nowadays, creating retarded trends. Am talking about the “sample” trainers, designed to bring the flock to your site.

i am not kidding i totally support this you are making as if i said it was bad

This topic is straying wildly. The interactive controls and remote are pro as they are exclusive to WeMod and the way we can support releasing free trainers. :slight_smile: