Every Song Uploaded By UKFDubstep


Hello there XMB, I decided to put a little something together for yall. :] I know a lot of you love DubStep like I do, so here ya go.


[size=14]What I have done is downloaded every single song that UKF Dubstep has uploaded, organized it all into files by artist, and uploaded it to teh internets for you all to download. Hurrayz!
There are 143 songs, and the combined file size is 1.29GiG, so I ended up splitting it up into two.

Songs Organized by Artist A-L
Songs Organized by Artist M-Z


Virus Scan:

Open Me

This is a virus scan picture of the original folder, before it was split into two .rars. It’s the same files, you’ll just have to trust me.

If you’re using iTunes, just go to File> Upload Folder To Library… and select the folders. I have already changed the titles and artists to the correct names so you don’t have to do that when you put it in iTunes or whatever.

Please tell me if you like it and how I can improve it.
I’ll update the files for as long as this thread stays alive. (I also would like to know a way to have the files updated without all of you having to redownload it since it’s such a big file.)

Share with all fellow DubStep lovers, just give me credit.
If you like these songs, I suggest you also download the UKF Music Podcasts on iTunes. (They’re free!) They’re all just hour-long dubstep mixes put together by popular artists like Flux Pavilion, Modestep, Physical, etc. for the UKF channel.

Thanks, Indee.

Sorry for being dumb but what exactly is dubstep?

It’s a newer genre of music. It started in the UK a couple years ago, and is now very popular thanks to YouTube. People will hate me for saying this, but it’s sort of an offbrand of techno, but with a lot of bass. Tons of bass.

Dubstep - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Thanks for this! I LOVE YOU.

This is awesome! I love the songs that he remixes thank you so much for this bro.
I’ll be sure to download it and put it on my iPod.


( Trust this guy he’s Lolvos sexy Cousin! )

Haha, np. I was pretty much doing it for myself anyway. :]

Thanks for this i actually downloaded a few of these songs yesterday but since more are here its a great pleasure to download them without stressing in finding them all only god knows what life would be without earth quaking beats that ricochet through your body

It sounds like transformers having sex
OT:Awesome man. I love Dubstep

So its music that has been altered to have like extra bass and stuff?

Can you possibly upload to MegaUpload or MediaFire?

Apparently, I’ve reached my daily download limit but I haven’t downloaded anything :expressionless:

Oh i was Like “Oh My God This is gonna be one long thread”

OT: I was wrong thanks for this

Umm maybe idk. I was going to go with those before, but they have much lower upload limits, so I’d have to break the the file up into around 5 parts.

I’ll change my IP and upload to MegaUpload for you. No worries.

Oh ok thank you.

For some reason its giving me a error i successfully repaired the achieve but i still get that error so it must be damaged in some way any one else have this problem ?

Indee, why did you add your name to the songs? It’s going to be hard to erase them all lol.

br0 fist.
Come at me.

So is this just directly taken off of YouTube? Or do you have some of the full songs that they just previewed?

All songs are directly off UKF’s YouTube Channel. Some of the songs are from music videos though, so there may be an extended intro than you’re used to. I put my name on all the files to make it as hard as possible for someone to take credit. :]

i’m downloading them now :smiley: i <3 you soo much