Everything For Black Ops TU11

Here is all the Black Ops TU11 files so far i will try to keep this as up-to-date as possible.

All retail TU11 files includes updated xex’s

Download (33.77MB)

Just the title update file

Download (81B)

Just the files extracted from the title update

Download (18.01MB)

Just the xex files updated to TU11

Download (15.76MB)

Black Ops has auto update explain why we need this just curious in the nice non sarcastic way :smile:

For JTAGs…

As the old timer said, JTAG’s man. For the select few of us who have our jtags online, as well as for that fun offline modding :smile:

ooh i see well tyvm :smile:

Anytime dood.

LOL. You don’t have your Jtag online. You’re not even the real coolbunny from Se7ensins.

What’s “Se7ensins”?

A website.

Dude…you can’t post XEXs here…either post a patch or it’ll get deleted…:wink:

how to get extracted title update 11 to work?

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