Everything you need to know about the new update

Well as you all know there is a system update Microsoft said they where doing server changes and getting the xbox ready for the huge new update this fall. Well they lied there is more a lot more then just that. Here is what they have done so far. Also please note that this is a constant work in progress and some of this may be false because the update was released a couple of hours ago.

People who have flashed xbox who updated successfully DON’T Try to play any AP 2.5 games as it MIGHT flag your console for a ban this has been confirmed.

The update WILL not flash you console back to stock firmware. Confirmed.

  1. Fixed the banned account method for GOD’S confirmed. People are working on a bypass now.

  2. If you have a flashed console and if you updated it and it worked for you all AP 2.5 games no longer work for example halo reach mw2 AC Brotherhood fable 3. As microsoft updated their AP 2.5 scheme. Confirmed.

  3. Apparently only these flashed drive’s can get the update and download it fine with no errors hitachi drives sammy drives liteon phat 7 Lite-On phat (838v1) a lot more drives can update then just these these where the drives everyone had success flashing.

Also if you get this error code you are ****ed what it means. This error occurs if your console has been tampered with or modified. Your console can no longer connect to Xbox LIVE, install software updates, or play new games that require a console software update. Confirmed.

  1. Microsoft upgraded their servers because of the recent surge of new players coming to xbox live. Confirmed.

  2. Fixed a fewbugs and a few indie game bugs. (Hotfixes ) Confirmed.

  3. Apparently cod4 infections are still enabled sorry guys. Debunked.

  4. New background technology. No one currently know’s what this is O.o

  5. Currently flashed Sammy and Hitachi drives can run AP 2.5 games as they have no AP2.5 checks. This is confirmed.

  6. If you have a flashed xbox here is a tip. Flash your xbox to STOCK firmware update it and reflash it.
    Also this may flag your console DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

  7. If you have a flashed drive don’t use a stock drive to update it then put in your flashed drive it will **** up your xbox badly. As the DVD key for the stock drive is different from the flashed dvd drives key the motherboard only reads the drive shipped with it and it will cause damage and it will not work at ALL This has been confirmed.

  8. The new kernel for it is 2.0.13599.0. Confirmed

  9. Flashed xbox consoles that had a fine update with out Error’s can play burnt games fine. Confirmed.

  10. If you had a clean update with a flashed console and if you try to boot up an AP 2.5 game without a sammy or Hitachi drive it will give you a blackscreen and freeze your console. If you stay on the screen for a minute or more your xbox will be flagged for a ban. Confirmed.

  11. 1 confirmed ban.

Thanks for the info.

Thank God the CoD 4 infections are gone.

You can always flash back to stock firmware and update then reflash :3

Thanks i will add that to the OP.

so wait let me get this right
GoD for free is patched?


Only if the account for it’s banned.

Any news on the Lite-on etc update problem? Does stock firmware update and flash it again work? Also what if you put a normal stock xbox 360 drive in update it and put your flashed on back?

If you have a flashed drive don’t use a stock drive to update it then put in your flashed drive it will **** up your xbox badly. This has been confirmed.

I’m gonna try the reflashing to stock and back later

Currently only liteon phat 7 Lite-On phat (838v1) drives can update successfully. Others got the error code of death or they didn’t update fully.

Please let me know how you have gotten on!!

Thanks for the info. i just turned it on, and was like Whaaat another update…lol

No problem glad to help :thumbsup:.

No more Red Dead Redemption for me then. Damn you microsoft and your non supporting ways >.<

I know right! Those glasses waring, bill gates looking, jumper waring Plasticine basterds.

CoD4 modding is not patched.

You sure?


EDIT: The CoD4 infection mods are done through the ui_mapname dvar, the dashboard has nothing to do with it at all.

This **** needs to be a sticky