Everything You Want For Your JTAG (Noob friendly)


This thread provides many links to things you will need/want for your jtag. If you need a xex, PM me for a link, as I cannot post them here.

XeX Tools:

Open Me

XeX Loader:

  • Launch media-patched XEXs from any storage device- Manage the filesystems of all storage devices- Rip any inserted game to any storage device (ISO Extraction) - Still requires patching with XexTool or 360 Game Hack to remove the media check.

XeX Menu:

Updated version of XeXLoader

XeX Tool:

[i]Print out all info about an xex

  • Patch an xex file with an xexp patch file
  • Extract the basefile from an xex file
  • Extract the resources from an xex file
  • Export information required to disassemble to an IDC file
  • Remove all limits from an xex (such as media, region, library versions)
  • Convert a retail xex into a devkit xex
  • Change the compressed state of a xex
  • Change the encrypted state of a xex[/i]

Nand Pro

Open Me

Nand Pro 20d:

Allows you to flash your Xbox, Via LPT of USB SPI Flasher through command prompt

Freestyle Dash+FreeBOOT

Open Me

Freestyle Dash v1.09 beta:

  • List Xbox 360 games, XBLA games, GOD Packages, applications, emulators, and launch them.
  • Can move items between menus.
  • Browse games by genre.
  • Favourite games support.
  • View recently played games.
  • Game details including no of players, resolution, sound etc.
  • Full screenshot viewer.
  • Preview video for each game.
  • Support for background artwork for each title, including boxart, screenshots and icon.
  • Use FSD indexer to download artwork (or add manually) and edit the metadata with each game and upload to Xbox 360 either via USB drive or FTP.
  • FTP Passive and Active Support.
  • FTP speeds now support 10Mb+ to internal HDD.
  • FTP working in many more clients.
  • File Browser including copying, moving, renaming and deleting files.
  • Copy DVD to USB drive or HDD.
  • Sounds within user interface.
  • Semi-Transparent menus.
  • Shows Gamertag on main screen.
  • Shows Date and Time in dashboard.
  • Shows free disk space on all drives.
  • Shows temperatures.
  • Show IP address.
  • Parental controls which lock down to only showing XBLA games.
  • Fully skinable.
  • Customizable overscan.
  • Source code released too.

Free BOOT Tool:

Create your freeBOOT image to flash your JTAG

Linux Loader:

Open Me

Linux Loader:

Will allow to boot Linux from Disk or Hard Drive

CON Tools, FreeXeX, MAME, etc:

Open Me

CON Uncorrupter:

This app can un-corrupt your Profile or your save (corrupt by ban hammer or update)

FreeXex QuickBoot V0.2:

QuickBoot allows you to build “short cut” LIVE containers that will allow you to launch applications directly from NXE.


Converts your arcade games to full version.

MAME 360 For Retail Dash:


The CON file tool updates signatures found in Xbox 360 user content files (“CON” file). CON is the format used for saved games and settings. The tool requires a valid keyvault file to work.

ABGX360 + Xbox Image Browser:

Open Me


Stealth Patch your games.

Xbox Image Browser v1.0:

This application allows file extraction from xbox xdvdfs iso’s.

360 Menu v3

Open Me

360 Menu v3:

This was a concept of dashboard / loader for Xbox 360 using as an OXM disc. One of the first loaders for the Xbox 360, just behind the king kong exploit. Since it is possible to run unsigned code, the author modified certain aspects of a OXM disc in order for him to boot what he wanted (Homebrew Software). He was able to create dummy files and icons for the menu, the main part of the edition of the disc is in the file menu.ini. This file can specify the menu structure and sub-menus such as paths, roads and where the executable.

Flash tools:

Open Me


Application for your JTAG to dump the NAND, or write a new Keyvault on your NAND.

360 Flash Tool:

Used to build a NAND image to flash a new KV etc.


Open Me


* Interface with tab system for navigate trough main function
* Listing of downloaded content (WIP…)
* FTP server
* Image viewer
* Text viewer
* Listing of extracted game :
1. Show icon of the game (manually extract with Y -> “Extraire l’icone”)
2. Show preview of the game (manually extract with Y -> “Extraire preview”)
3. Extract full HD picture of the game directly in Wallpaper folder (Y -> “Extraire l’image HD”)
* File browser :
1. Dual browse view
2. Move/Copy/Delete/Create (Multi-selection like unleashX on the work eg. you press X, that select the current, and go to next entry)
3. File property (WIP…)
4. Extract of DVD with Y (WIP…)
5. Archives handling (tar, tar.gz, zip in extract/compress, rar in extract, WIP…)
6. Contextual menu handle all of this functionnality. You can also define a folder as a game folder by selecting “Definir comme dossier à scanner” in browser.
* Option system :
1. Option are automatically registered in a .ini file
2. You can modify the skin, who have to be in subfolder of skin directory
3. You can modify wallpaper. Picture must be in Wallpaper directoryr
4. A scan list for extracted game (from here, you remove the folder, and from browser, you add a folder, simple!)
5. You can activate a background music
6. You can choose to show or hide log


Open Me


Team XeDev released a new version of NXE2GOD, an application for homebrew 360s that will converts NXE installed games to Games on Demand.

QuickBoot 1.2 + Viper360

Open Me

QuickBoot 1.2:

Just a quick release, you should now be able to point the shortcuts at .xbe files so you can launch your Xbox 1 originals straight from NXE. Of course you will need the hacked Xbox 1 emulator installed as well.


A Launcher for homebrew JTAG’s

X Menu + XeLLous_v1.0

Open Me

X Menu:

Cpasjuste released the first public version of Xmenu for the free60 XeLL JTAG hack. It’s a GUI .ELF Loader (a basic dashboard if you want) that can be used to load other libxenon homebrew software on your Xbox 360.


Simple bin file to add XeLLous to your JTAG to retreive CPU and DVD Key


Open Me


Genesis Emulator

SMS360 Alpha:

Sega Emulator

SNES 360:

SNES Emulator

XeBoy Advance (GBA):

Gameboy Advanced Emulator

XeBoy Advance Roms (GBA):

Game Boy Advanced ROMS

Beats Of Rage Xbox 360:

Beats of Rage ROM


Capcom Play System 3 Emulator

SNES 360:

Other tools:

Open Me

GUI Format (Format External HDD To FAT32):

Simple FAT32 Formatter


Graphical XBR Flasher using NandPro

God2Iso v1.0.3:



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