Evil Dead can't start from Wemod

My game has the following error:

We’re having trouble loading mods into your game. Try restarting the game or click Help for more information.

Did you follow the instructions in the trainer’s notes?

what instructions

The ones that are displayed when you clicked play the first time.

it says the game runs on a 64bit mine 32 bit what now

You need to follow the bypass instructions.

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i did it got then by pass click then open my game it sill dot dork

Did you launch the game through epic? I just tested it and it is working fine.

no. this shits making me mad

You can avoid that by following the instructions that were pointed out to you above. Launching the game from Epic first is included in those instructions. :slight_smile:

i know that the first thing I did was that ■■■■ still dot work flowed the help instructions s

When you do this it just says “We’re having trouble loading the mods into your game. Try restarting the game, or pressing HELP for more info.” I have already tried this multiple times. Both with and without the eacbypass. It’s just not working.

Make sure you do it in the root not eac folder. That fixed it for me

Everything works in solo AI matches but as soon as i try to join survivor vs player the anticheat detects it and kicks me. I don’t wanna use cheats online to win i wanna use them to complete the challenges faster for prestige. I would appreciate it if u guys could add unlimited points cheat so everyone gets their prestige done without having to do all those tedious missions.

Correct, trainers are not for cheating in online game modes. There’s nothing trainers can do about features of the game which are server-sided.

Attempting to cheat online/server-sided game elements may get you banned (or at the very least, shadow banned) from the game. If you occasionally try to join multiplayer games in error with a trainer active, consider disabling WiFi on your PC while you play games with trainers.

Hi Guys, Okay lets “pretend” I’m dumb here: when the instructions tell me “Copy EACpass.exe to the main directory of the game” I’m unsure how to do that. If I click on the only .exe file I’ve found so far it opens the box w/the 2 buttons (yay, I got something to work! :wink:
Though I don’t see what to copy or know where to copy it.
Thanks for your time and effort, folks. :slight_smile:

A thought just struck me: IF you were to post a video of you doing this here or on something like Youtube people like me might have a chance to figure this out before we need to pester you guys for help…

  1. Download the file linked in the trainer’s description.

  2. Unzip the folder you downloaded. (Right-click, Extract All).

  3. Go to C:\Program Files\Epic Games on your PC. Open the Evil Dead game folder that is in there.

  4. Move the file that is in the folder you unzipped in Step 2 into the folder you found in Step 3.
    Either cut/paste or drag/drop will do.

  5. Launch the EACBypass program you just moved.

  6. Click the EACBypass button.

  7. Open Epic Games Launcher. Launch the game.

  8. When you are on the game’s main menu, switch back to WeMod (Alt+Tab) and press the Play button.

Cool, Thanks.

The game is running when I click on the EACBypass so I cannot launch it from Epic. Any solutions?

Thanks again, You guys continue to ROCK.