Execute Command (Civ 5)

I’m new to using this software so some of the commands I’m still getting used to. I’m currently playing Civilization V and having trouble understanding what “execute [CTRL+ADD]” in regard to adding 1K Gold? Just confused on what else I need to press aside from the ctrl button.

If you need additional information on my issue just let me know!

Hello and welcome to WeMod.

Now i don’t know what button “ADD” is but you can rebind it to what key(s) you want. I would recommend “Numpad 1” so it’s more or less the same as the other hotkeys as they are also default Numpad bound.

I myself have never played Civ 5 so i don’t know how it works ingame, i came to this little conclusion by looking at the trainer in the app.

Have a good day/night.

Thank you for the quick response!

No problem, if you run into anymore issues with Civ 5 type in this thread or you can start a new one and a member or the community <- (like me) or a Staff member will help you.

You can also write an E-mail to: “Support@wemod.com” for more personal questions or visit the FAQ.

Add is the plus key. This one: +

Queries regarding trainers should be posted in the official thread for that specific trainer.