Or you can just download it from here instead of using your link. You don’t even provide a virus scan either.

Looking like a good program, but Virus scan pls.

ummmm ok i found this on TTG chill out kid lol.



I can bet you’re younger then me. :laughing:

That’s very sad if you are knowing that you like Chelsea Grin the worst band ever serious bro your still into all that grow up…you can’t even understand that kinda wack music.

Hard to take someone serious when their username is GoodWeed, and everyone has their own taste in music so I could care less of your opinion. I for one know all their lyrics for all four of their CDs. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also don’t see the logic behind telling me to grow up based on my taste in music…

Scanned: https://www.virustotal.com/file/d1c24f034923b89d26f01a75b88435ff416569eff13a71b6baaaf2cac2bfba87/analysis/