External Hard Drive FAT32 Formatting

This is a really simple tutorial for those who don’t know how to format their external Hard Drive to FAT32. This will format any device size with no 32 gigabyte limit.

Part 1

First download this, Anything to FAT32.

[details=Part 2]Now open the program (run as administrator on Vista/7) and you will see this screen.


[details=Part 3]Make sure you select the correct device to format not Windows.


[details=Part 4]Keep the Allocation unit size the default.


[details=Part 5]Now click Start.


[details=Part 6]Wait until you see “Done” in the status log.


[details=Part 7]Then close.


You’re done.

Good post! Does this work on Normal xboxs 2?

Nice post Tucker. Should help some people out.

Nice and good tut! Thanks!

There are lots of free programs out there that will format any drive to FAT32. I don’t think a tut was necessary.

Good tut Tucker… Very helpfull :thumbsup:

great post like always