Extracting Rock Band 4 DLC Songs (and their contents) from XboxOne, to allow conversion to Xbox 360 (Rock Band 3)

Hi, new to the forums, if I’ve done anything wrong or the nature of topics like this is not allowed I apologise and will fix it.

DISCLAIMER: This post and poster is in no way affiliated officially/unofficially with the Rock Band Customs community. It is simply an introduction to provide additional details. Rock Band 4 is shaping/will shape up to be a fantastic game, this post mainly concerns questions about how to deal with the issues with convenience (having all songs in one place) and playability, (adding RB4 DLC to RB3 with Keyboard support). This post is not to bash RB4.

ALSO: I understand that achieving what you guys did with the 360 but with the XBox One is no small matter and will take a long time - I am patient, this is a feature suggestion, not a demand :slight_smile:

TL;DR at the bottom.

Basically, there was/is a thriving Rock Band 3 Customs community, whereby people were creating their own Rock Band Customs and many songs, famous and obscure alike were unofficially added to the game, expanding the initial song library more than ten times over, and more than twice the amount of songs available via the RB Store were added.

Anyway, in an effort to avoid incrimination, people will not chart songs that have been or are planned to be added to Rock Band 4. Harmonix (Rock Band developer) has thus far allowed the customs community to survive, and nobody wants to upset that balance.

Some people feel like this has impinged on their Rock Band 3 playing experience, as they will no longer be able to actually own EVERY song they could ever want (which many people were damn close to), on RB3, with Keyboard parts (they were omitted from RB4) and all in one place.

My question is, on the 360, the transfer of Xbox Files (Rock Band Custom Song Packages and DLC Songs) from the PC to the 360 was managed by Horizon (until Windows/Xbox 360 was updated to allow Windows Explorer to read and move files), can people provide me with some information about how/when this will be achievable for the Xbox One?

In addition, it is highly unlikely that the tools developed by the customs community for RB3 Customs (which enabled people to extract the music audio and MIDI files that make up the Rock Band song packages) which also worked for RB3 DLC, will work for RB4 DLC. It’s ALSO highly unlikely that the people from the customs community with the know-how to create programs that can do this will actually create them for RB4 because of the aforementioned “incrimination” (Harmonix likely keeps a watchful eye on the customs community - and have the power of licensing on their side. Or maybe I’m just being paranoid).

However, a tool which would allow users to find, read and decompile RB4 Song Packages would allow one to rebuild the DLC song in question for use in RB3. Thus, Rockers can have their RB4 DLC playable inside RB3, with Keyboard support, all in one place without the need to switch consoles.

Now, there are obvious legal/moral/scary issues with this, but it seemed to be my understanding that people here are looking to hack and mod to their hearts content, and have no qualms about licensing issues or the like. I am terribly sorry if that is not the case.

To players/Rock Band Players/random people: What are your thoughts on this? If anything sounds unfamiliar to you or confusing please post and I will endeavour to answer your questions.

To the developers of Horizon: How would you guys feel about adding this feature? I would imagine it would not be dissimilar to your game-specific save editors for Horizon on the 360, no? Probably much more complicated - I understand any misgivings about the situation. A basic outline of what I am asking is for the ability to:

  1. Find/read/move (etc.) RB4 DLC song packages (they are usually in a propriety format - for RB3 they were called "rb3_con"s. The package contains a MIDI file, which provides the information for the notes in-game, and Audio Stem tracks, among other things. It is obviously highly likely that the method and nature of the compilation of the packages have changed since RB3.)

  2. The extraction of the contents of the aforementioned song packages (conversion to RB3 format will then be managed by individuals who own and have the extracted DLC)

Thank you guys for any information you can share about the project and it’s progress. I understand that the understanding and “opening” of the XboxOne and how it works (how files are hashed etc.) is yet to be fully cracked and understood, and please to not think I am making additional demands - simply explaining how some would benefit from a feature and then inquiring about what people think and how difficult/long it would take to implement into the XboxOne version of Horizon (if such a thing exists yet). I understand the post may come across as a bit demanding, but it’s not that at all, merely trying to be as informational as possible. Apologies for such a long and slightly convoluted post.

Congrats if you read this far!! Any responses are greatly appreciated. The main purpose was to bring the idea of transferring RB4 DLC to light, and I’m also wondering about the progress of the project so far, and to ask how I even may be of assistance (although I do not own an Xbox One yet :expressionless: )

And I also want to take the opportunity to say Thank you for the program and everything you guys have done for Xbox 360 Modding. Your original program was critical in the early days of RB3 customs.

TL;DR: Can a feature to allow the extraction of the contents of RB4 song packages (to aid in accurately and effectively converting them to RB3) please be discussed and possibly implemented into the XboxOne-compatible build of Horizon? And how is general progress (in the area that involves reading/manipulating Xbox One files/save files etc.) coming?

They have said that they will wait for someone else to come up with an exploit before they work on anything xbox one related. Eta: A few years maybe?

And I’m pretty sure they are no longer adding tools to horizon and are instead focusing on infinity (pc trainers)

Ok, thanks - I was struggling to find information about the current status, I completely understand their position.

Personally I know it will take a loooooong time, but I don’t think it will be quite that long. I don’t know why but I just have a hunch. And also no clue, so I my opinion is invalid, but ah well, nothing wrong with hope and a bit of wishful thinking. :smiley:

I wish I understood more the intricacies of producing a program that is able to read those kinds of files tbh. I almost have the urge to learn it for myself haha, but from my limited knowledge of coding etc. I know how f***ing ridiculously complicated it gets, and how it is no small matter to learn. It is interesting though.

Thanks for the reply. The topic could still remain open for those wanting to discuss the matter of song converting.