F1 Manager 2022 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

game keeps crashing. whether or not I change the time ratio when using the mods. any help? or bug fixs?

Game crashes all the time, I switched to PLITCH

yeah same

I want fix mod because game is not responding when I use mod

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CAN YOU update the trainer ?

The game crashes when cheats are used during races.


yepp :frowning:

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The cheats are working to me while using Ferrari campaign. There is strange bug that happens during the reace while you hear once again “its lights out and away we go” DO NOT FAST FORWARD WHILE HEARING THIS. let game flow and everything should be fine

EDIT: The lights out messages come out again while fast forwarding to x16. Just avoid doing that

Game crashes whenever using cheats. I’ve experienced this in qualifying and racing at up to 8x.

Unlimited fuel will crash your game. I can turn on every other option and run an entire race…I’ve yet to win, but at least the game stops crashing.

Grateful for the cheats, but it does seem to make the game crash, a lot. I’ll try the no gas technique.
I’m assuming we just turn the cheat on, then back off… When talking about the trainer in general But this does mess with the game some. As even activating or disabling, can cause the game to lock up.

I’m sure it’s a lot to ask, but the cheats should be scale based. (Willing to Learn, if anyone’s teaching) But by making it “sliding scale” or percentage based. Tire wear (ex 1-7 = 0%-75%) can be set to an optimal setting, as with gas (ex 1-5 = 0%-50%), break temp (ex 1-5 = 100*-500*), battery (ex 1-4 = 0% - 100%, etc) . Being able to add points for your drivers and team would be nice also, but asking for a " Sliding Scale Based or % based" cheat system is already a stretch…

my game is freezing during the race


To use the trainer for a race and NOT have your game crash.
You must do the following…

When you want to use them (ex: tire low) pause the game, hit f2, unpause, wait for tires to get to 100%, pause again…hit f2 again…Unpause
You MUST do this for every cheat you use during the race!!

IF you leave the cheats on, your game IS gonna crash… Don’t know when, but it will… No matter how fast you run the game (ex: 1x - 16x)

As for Wind Tunnel and the CFD MAU, and cash… Go to a screen you need to use them on… (research) (manufacture) turn each cheat on before going to that screens. Should take effect… If not complete each use with the cheats on (ex: build the wing or test the chassis) Should update then. Once done, turn off the cheats and cancel the projects you did (unless you want them).

Game WILL save with the Tunnels hours and CFD hours and cash, so you shouldn’t have to use those but once to get what you need… As for the races… See Above!

Did this on 4 races with Hass, no crashes!

**Recommend starting with Med or wet tire (depending on rain or not) and then switch to soft after the first lap and just keep your racers out there when everyone else pits.
(RAIN) Use common sense, if it’s raining… DONT SWITCH TIRES!!
You’ll slowly start to get top 10’s and podiums… Just follow the stuff above and recommended tech.
I will pause and hit f1-f8 and wait 5 secs and pause after effects kick in and hit f1-f8 again and then switch On/Off as I need (ex:tire/gas).

Hope this help everyone… It ain’t perfect, but it works!.. All of it!


Does this need an update? Doesn’t seem to work for me.

Doesn’t work for me either

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Thank you @Stolen1st, if you guys follow the steps that he said, there is going to be no freezing/crashing!

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Appreciate it champ@DiploDelta…I refuse to give up, I even bought the game… just to figure a way around the game crash. WeMod has done their part and make thecheats work. Understanding the instructions is another matter.

But if you DO follow the steps… I promise you’ll have no game crash… Racers wont start winning races right off the bat, even if you take pole after they pit, they will catch you. Their cars and drivers are just better! But now you have a means to get top 10 and once you put enough time into building the cars… You will Win races!

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It’s not working for me I don’t know why

Now everything is ok.
Pause - cheat on - pause - wait 5 second - pause - cheat off - pause


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I did everything as people wrote above. used only f2 and f8 retreaded tires and loaded ERS… everything was fine BUT after crossing the finish line, both bollides failed me! and instead of 1st and 2nd places, it turned out that after the finish my cars did not reach it at all.