Fable 2 Inventory Editor

Is there a one for this game?
Somebody online had top skills and millions of gold, which I know you can get using a save game editor.
But he also had like every amazing and rare weapon with all them like fully upgraded
The thing is, I cannot seem to find an inventory editor or item swapper :anguished:
Anybody help?


I’ve never thought this was possible…
Did you ever think he got them legit?

Does not exist im like 99% sure

DO you mean Fable 3, for upgrade in Fable 2 just ment sticking a rock in a weapon slot?

I thought but then everything else he had was modded

And what do you mean? Fable 3 for upgrade in Fable 2?

Also, do you need to delete the updates for the mods to work now?

I apologize, I forgot the , inbetween Fable 3 and the work for. Did not know it was a big issue i will re edit

I don’t have Fable 3 so I have no idea.

And how would putting a rock in a weapon slot help?

Ok well in Fable 2 the only upgrading of weapon is buying or receiving runes or whatever their called and placing them into the socket of the weapon so not difficult at all to max all weapons in Fable 2

Fable 2 had no upgrades. Just rare weapons… and it’s not possible to acquire every rare weapon because some are based on where you live. I know one off the top of my head is only found if you lived in Australia buying a pre-sale content.

Okay thanks, but you can upgrade weapons, they have slots, just like what TLOR FETT said :smile:

I don’t remember this at all, and I beat the game ~7 times.

WOWzers than that is sad.

Where did you upgrade weapons? Like I would go to the blacksmith to BUY weapons but nothing else.

If I don’t delete the update will the mods still work?

It’s best to always delete the updates to see if it works.

Cant remember its a while since I played here is a picture of a weapon with 3 socket slots.

Not sure guy, better off deleting updates, modding then just updating again.

Okay then if it works can I re-update to give my friends lots of money?