Fable 3 Gamesave Request: All But 1 Weapons/Clothing to unlock achievements

So, yeah hey. How you doing? You feeling good? I hope so.

Anyway, to business, that’s straight up what I’d like. A gamesave that is just about ready to get the damned collectible achievements. I don’t care about money, morality, guild seals, gender, DLC. Everything else I can get on my own. I just want to get the ones I’d really have to grind out.

I know there are other saves out there. I could go looking and I will anyway. I know if I ponied up for Diamond I could just unlock it code-wise. But nah.

So if anybody has this, or something close enough. Demon Doors would also be nice, but not needed.

Thank you! And I do hope you all feel well. Take care.