Fable 3 Gamesave Request

I was wondering if anyone has or is able to make a Fable 3 save with the following

Game not finished but you are king before the darkness comes

49 keys found
49 gnomes found
29 flowers found
few million in gold
enough gold in treasury to save all the albion citizens
all weapons, outfits, hairstyles, etc
enough guild seals to get everything on road to rule, or all chests unlocked apart from one

i know this is a big ask but i reckon someone with a fable 3 mod tool or a jtagged console is able to do this

I would also like one of these gamesaves, but please make one wihtout the treasury, and at the beginning of the game. I wanna play through it all.

im currently making a game mod for fable and will send you the link for it

That would be great

I completed the game completely, have all the keys, and almost all the gnomes. I don’t know what the flowers are, but yeah.

If I can find out how to extract my gamesave, you can have it. (But I’m the Queen after the darkness and almost completed all my available quest)

Just be aware… By downloading a modded Gamesave for fable you can load it up but after you quit and save or quit; it corrupts because of the check Iguess. i was doing thisb efore and could load it up and transfer the guns n whatnot to my account but after turning off and back on, the gamesave would be corrupted. :confused:

I want it too!!!

How do you transfer the guns from a gamesave you downloaded to your legit gamesave?

Nevermind i figured out how to transfer the guns over

here is my Fable 3 49/50 gnomes post really easy just rehash/resign load and look up final gnome:thumbsup:

can you send me a fable 3 gamesave? =]

Can i get a link also?