Fable 3 Gamesaves

Hello people this is ModdedLegos here today and I was wondering if there was anybody needing WORKING and GOOD gamesaves for Fable III. And I would like to know which kind of Sex and what the Morality should be. Because I am willing to upload 3 saves and I would like to have your opinion so just post it down in the comment section below and I will get working on them right away. :thumbsup: And by the way I am going to be buying all of the items on the marketplace for Fable III so those items will also be yours.

hey bro im lookin for a save with all but 1 book, if its posible

Here’s all but one flower:


Here’s All but one Book


Female God Save:


Male God Save:


Last Key Save:


Question… : what does the god save do?? and what does it have?

Nice post bro!!!

****tton of Guild Seals, billions of gold

Hit the thanks button lol

Could you make a save that you start off the game with lots of money and seals?

This thread is 2 weeks old, and the original poster has not been online in a week. Somebody can message you a save if you need one, or I can get one for you if you would like.