Fable 3 God Start Save

Hey guys here is my save. It is at the beginning of the game, in Dweller Camp.

What is has:

5,000 Guild Seals
500,000,000 Gold
Max Good Morality
and SHOULD have 200 mil in Treasury

EDIT: Both male and female are now uploaded



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just remember if you do use these saves you cant save at all are the checksum gets messed up and the save becomes corrupt:(thats just the way it is i’m still trying to figure out how to prevent this but havent discovered anything that works yet:’(

Nice save dude i just used it and it blew my mind!

does this save corrupt when i try to save??

Did you just read what
Put :confused:

This will be useful, but I still have the game on my desktop.
I don’t know if I should burn it or not, anyway this will be helpful to me in “da future”.

It’s a savegame. You don’t need to burn. I think.

he has the game on his desktop, so when he decides to burn it to a disk this save will be helpful

I haven’t had a problem with any of my saves getting corrupt from modding it. And neither have my friends… Are you sure you’re not doing something in-game to screw it up?

Originally Posted by StevieRox View Post
I rehashed and whatnot with my own profile, backed up my main save luckily, and connected. Worked amazingly until I saved like normal, everyything was perfect. I then turned on, turned on, and it was corrupted. I put my old save back on, then decided to put
it on a second profile I had just made. It loaded up, but just like before it corrupted when leaving because of that checksum or whatever people say Fable 3 has now. So, I decided best thing to do with your save is to open it up, and go transfer all weapons and items if you need to your main. Then when you’re done it’ll corrupt… That’s all we can do about it now. Sorry guys.

And btw, putting it on a non-online profile will probably have the same effect… IF it doesn’t, then what’s the point of having an account with all that and not play online with people? You may aswel mod it, play online and get the achevis you need with the account, transfer weapons and then let it corrupt and play your main.
this what StevieRox discovered=\

I dont ever want to be negative but i’ve been trying to figure this out for awhile now and nothing seems to give. I also dont see what I could do in game to mess up a save>.< if you have figured out how to keep it from corrupting I’m all ears cause I want use this save but dont wanna waste my time if I get the same results

Not sure honestly because i’ve used other people’s saves before and they never corupted on me yet. I planned on looking into this problem but i havent had it happen to me yet. Wonder if it has anything to do with playing those characters in coop first or not.

Using the save isn’t the problem i’ve used a couple of Fable 3 saves and they work it’s when you try too SAVE with that save is where the problem begins:’(

what im saying though is that i’ve used other saves that didnt corupt for me, even when saving. What i was saying was i wonder if they never corupted because of coop.

Edit: also Idle if you ever release another save then you need to sneak this in there like the lsat time in female save :wink:

I know some games you cant just simply change the file name from Hero000 to Hero001. Some have t he file name in the file, I dont know if thats causing a problem.
Anyone have something like this save but for nonpatched/non dlc?

i think there is a way to downgrade saves. I go to work soon so i can test now but i think modifying th e chaptersave will do it because it has version info and dlc info inside.

LOL that’s awesome, I already released the Female Save, but if I make another, I’ll let you know (however, my game goes back to blockbuster today). :cry:

Does this game save have all max stats?

thamks bro for posting this

Thanks for this bro, I love Fable 3!

Now it will be even more fun!

How did you make this save btw!