Fable 3 Hacked save

To download the Tutorial please click here
MediaFireLink Download

Save1: Save one has over 2000 guild seals the reson i upload this file because some people are having problms with the other file and also they wanna spend the guild seals the way to wants so click here to download.

Save2: Click Here to download
Money: 2500259
Current Guild Seals:879
Story Mode Progress: This savefile is in the Beginning where you have go to the Dweller Camp.

All the Chest Boxes are opened at the road of rules.


How’d you manage to get so many Guild Seals?

i also wonder, i have alot of money because the gift exploit but how did u get all them seals?
(im guessing HeX?)

Nice save, but how did you get the seals?

Yes i use Hex editing just spend alot of time figuring how the guild seal works then i know how to hack the guild seals if you like please click on thanks.

If you could explain the process so I can edit my save game then I’ll give you all the thanks in the world :smiley:

Man I’ve decompressed my save and have been trying to find the guild seals for hours.

Has anyone found a way yet to modify all the weapons into having all 3 upgrades?

Yeah, seriously, could you make a tutorial on modding guild seals? I think that would be more helpful than a modded save. :smile:

No actually it would not, the process of the modding the saves is not very easy you have to decompress and recompress the save, and from what I have read theirs are different checks depending on what you have modified. It is not HARD to get enough seals legit on your game, so using this to pop the achievement or quicken a gameplay helps.

i will make a guide of how to hex edit the guild seals within1-2 days.

Good Post I Haven’t Seen One Of These On Here Yet! :smiley:


You wouldn’t happen to know off the top of your head though how and where you found it though would you? Using the actual amount of guild seals doesn’t seem to be the key, nor using text related words. :cry:

do u mean i dont know where the guild seals are located?

Noooo i was just wondering if you remember where they were off the top of your head, before you make a guide.

ya i do remeber i hve a word file with my research on it i am done with the guide i am just gonna test it out.

Awesome! I’ve gotten 2 game breaking glitches in this game running my save so I’m not replaying through unless I can max my seals :stuck_out_tongue:

I read in another post that the value is with the text NumGuildSealsReown, which I originally thought. So I got 2 save and really the only difference between the 2 saves, 1 having X seals and then the other being a lil farther with just a few more seals, was a 13 and 15 hex digi. The save with the higher seals being 15. Which obviously doesn’t convert to the decimal of the of the actual seals each chara has.

ok as far as i know that guild seals changes later on the story mode. here wt i did extrat hero save use offzip then go to search type 4E756D4775696C645365616C73507572650002030000??? the question are your guild seal they different way of calculating the guild seals. so just search this first 4E756D4775696C645365616C73507572650002030000.

Nice post, downloading now. Thanks.