Fable 3 Mega Save

Here this save includes everything Unlocked and I mean everything :smiley:

-Tons of gold
-All Weapons
-All Clothes
-All hair and facial hair
-Max stats
-Max Keys
-Max Gnomes

Have fun you crazy kids :smiley:

Fable 3 Mega Save

Thanks, donwloading, will try it out later :smile:

Have fun man :smiley: Let me know how it goes

Will this unlock achievements at all?

if you hexed it will you make a tut on how you did it please thanks


Nope :smiley: No hexing here. Just had a strategy guide which helped me find what I wanted. If you combine that with all the time I put into making this save then this is what you get :smiley:

Why not just hit the thanks button instead of saying +1 thanks :smiley:

does this include legendary weapons? and does it unlock achievements? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes this save has everything :stuck_out_tongue:
Also I don’t know about the achievements as I earned them the legit way.
If your an achievement ***** may I recommended simply modding your gamerscore :smiley:

How are the weapons? I mean are they upgraded?

Amazing save. Too many weapons! lol. :smile:

Do You Need The DLC?

some are some are not :smiley:

@ Destroyer: Just the free DLC content :smiley:

@ Stevie Rox: Thanks I’m glad you enjoy the save :smiley:

Call me crazy but everytime i rehash&resign and put on my device it doent show up at all am I the only one having this problem?
(I also have been gamesaving for quite a long time so I KNOW what i’m doing)

Did you rehash and resign the save with your own id’s? Also don’t forget to change the last digit in the save so it doesn’t overwrite your current save. Please refer to the read me file included with the save :smiley:

I got it to work cause i’m straight NINJA:lol: but anyways I found another problem, even when you change the last digits so it doesnt overwrite your save it still comes up as hero 1 so then I save the game(made back up of original save) too see what happens, possibly make it
a Hero 2 save but it didnt it just corrupted the new save and I could only play with my original save. Weird anyone have a solution for this conundrum( uh-oh BIG WORD ALERT:lol:)?

That’s pretty weird Iv’e never had this problem as changing the last digit has worked for me :smiley:

you think maybe that im using a USB stick to transport might have something to do with it=\

Nope, Funny thing is I use my usb stick to read all my saves instead of my hard drive so Idk why your having a difficulty :anguished:

and how many guild seals?? and where is the story??? begining?