Fable 3 mod tool

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make a bakup save

how to use
1 insert hero000.sav into horizon
2 extract from contents herosave.bin
3 run tool and inject save
4 either do money , guild seals and healthmod or you can scroll and look for other items to mod
5 a checksum file will appear
6 overwrite the checksum and herosave
7 rehash and resign
8 done
a msg may appear about coding
you do not have to pay for the tool

some people are saying it doesnt work you have to extract all the file content and put into a folder so it will compress correctly


Very nice, only wish this was out when I was actually getting the achievements for the game hahaha :anguished:

thanks for the tool trying out now ^^

no problem guyz if anything goes wrong msg me i will be glad to help

Do you know to change yourself to a different creature

from what I have been finding its by using the CharacterUID tag but I compared a non-modded save to a save where you play as a hollowmen and there was no difference in that area

lol, double post

thats weird

I kept trying to resign saves and it was kicking my ass, was looking to get all the chests and gnomes and keys acheivos on live, anyone have a save? if not i will try the editor and restart my game

FABLE 3 SAVE.zip - save file
save is at the beginning of the camp and has modded money and guilded seals

does this corrupt saves the last time i used an editor for fable 3 it would work fine but when i saved it and turned the 360 off I’d wake up the next morning to a corrupt file :anguished:

if you do the process right it shouldnt but make a back up save incase
just read how to do it if you need help private msg me

I keep getting your last save is corrupted… I did it exactly as stated like 3-4 times and the same thing every time. I made backups but still.

Nevermind. Emphases on the EXTRACT ALL into folder but only overwrite hero and checksum. haha works great infinite seals and mulah

that isn’t entirely correct

at certain points in the game it will be nearly impossible to mod the save unless theres a new program

My save continuously comes out corrupt, I have tried different resigners, different locations, and have double checked everything before injecting the herosave and checksumsave back into Hero000

I have done similar things before so I know what I am doing

Looking for this forever, thanks!

okay you guys have too extract all the content of the save and drop into a labeled fable 3 folder and mod it from there

haha yes i was getting pissed off everytime i got corrupt.

Extract all contents into a seperate folder aside from everything else. open in editor mess with stats, save.

ONLY OVERWRITE the checksum.bin and herosave.bin

yep you got it

I have done that and my saves still come out corrupt and I have talked to a few other people and it just seems that this program can only work up to certain points in the game even after clearing the cache

thats weird i did it for my friend and it worked