Fable 3 Modding Tool?

So I’ve been looking around this site and I haven’t seen anything for Fable 3 modding. I’ve seen a couple things online via Youtube, but I’m curious if they’re safe or good to use.

Help please. Thanks guys.

There is a couple editors floating around, I used one and worked fine but i’ve heard of bans for it. Never got one myself but hey theres always a risk.

I found this mod tool of 360Haven;
Fable 3 Mod Tool.rar

It’s legit the member who posted it has 5 separate badges. Be careful, I don’t know people might of been banned but here’s a tool should you mod it.

Have you heard reports of anyone getting banned from this? I primarily just want the shields to unlock the chests really. Nothing too crazy.

@Yoshi, how many people?

So after review of this tool and some googling, the tool doesn’t work past a certain update of Fable 3. I guess my luck is dry but I’m going to keep looking. Some help or previous modding knowledge would be wonderful. Thanks guys.

I’ve tried said tool, but never attempted to go online with it (and I wouldn’t recommend doing so) since its to new and I believe it would get you banned. Another note that it does work when done right, one wrong resign and rehash will send your save to the grave and corrupt everything you did on it (hence before use always make a back up save if you don’t know this by now I don’t know what will).

On a side note I’m still looking for what changes the weapon damage output in it since the value seems to reset itself every time I go into to play.